A ‘Hire Event’ is the 4 phase process of recruiting candidates through PiAmmo; Specify, Search, Screen and Select.

This innovative process is unique to PiAmmo and allows you to go back and adjust the parameters of the job profile and pre-match candidates to the position, all before you pay. You can then choose to broadcast the position to these potential candidates and pay for the Hire Event. If you decide not to broadcast, then you don’t have to pay. The choice is yours.

Compared to other channels, PiAmmo will reduce your time spent on recruitment by 50 – 90%. A broadcast for permanent and temporary positions stays open for a maximum of 12 days, while contract positions are open for 5 days. The rest of the Hire Event time varies according to factors like candidate volume and your industry.

The Hire Event continues to the end of a candidate’s probation period. If the candidate fails to complete probation you can offer the position to any of the candidates who made it to the ‘screen’ stage. If you choose to rebroadcast the position, a new broadcast fee will apply.

Step 1. Start By Choosing Your Plan

Different businesses have different needs. That’s why PiAmmo offers a flexible pricing model with a choice of plans to cater for organisations of all sizes, across all industries. With no upfront cost, the Pay As You Go plan is ideal for small businesses looking to fill positions with one-off broadcasts. If you’re a bigger organisation requiring volume recruitment over extended periods, our Quarterly or Annual plan will be the most cost efficient option helping you save in the long term with discounted broadcast rates.

Pay As You Go

$ 0 .00
  • Ideal for small businesses requiring under 15 hires per year.
  • Full price, stand-alone broadcasts.


$ 89 .00
  • Ideal for mid-sized companies requiring 15 - 50 hires per year.
  • Discounted broadcasts.


$ 0 .00
  • Ideal for large companies requiring 50+ hires per year.
  • Discounted broadcasts.

Step 2. Buy Credits Then Broadcast.

Broadcasts are priced according to the level of the position you’re looking to fill. Every time you broadcast a position through PiAmmo, you pay via our credit system. The system works by purchasing credits which are then used to pay for broadcasts. Credits can only be purchased in packs of ten for USD$50 each.

Role/DescriptionPay As You GoQuarterly/Annual
CEO/VP/Chief/Managing Director/General ManagerUS$ 200 = 40 CreditsUS$ 150 = 30 Credits
Director/Senior Manager/ManagerUS$ 150 = 30 CreditsUS$ 100 = 20 Credits
Team Leader/Supervisor/ Individual Contributor (3+ years work ex)US$ 100 = 20 CreditsUS$ 50 = 10 Credits
Entry – Experienced (up to 3 years work experience)US$ 50 = 10 CreditsUS$ 25 = 5 Credits
Trainee/Graduate/Apprentice/InternUS$ 25 = 5 CreditsUS$ 15 = 3 Credits
Voluntary/Work Experience ($0 salary)FREE = 0 CreditsFREE = 0 Credits