Building Better Workplaces, with PiAmmo

Imagine a world where workplaces are hubs of exceptional performance, unstoppable teams, and inspired individuals.
At WorkAmmo, we are making such workplaces a reality.
We are certain that investing in individuals is the key to building irresistible workplaces. Using this insight, we want to transform the way workplaces hire, engage, and develop their talent, across industries, career levels, and geographies.
We offer a suite of intelligent, end-to-end HR solutions that, on one hand enable individuals to take ownership of their career journey, and on the other, radically simplifies recruiting, freeing up business and HR leaders to focus on developing and engaging their workforce.
As Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
It’s no surprise, then, that a lot of the practices in our workplaces are driving us insane.
Workplaces across the globe are grappling with rapid change – new participants, pressures, demands, and expectations. Yet, our people processes continue to be what they used to be. We can’t rely on past practices to build a sustainable future.
The future of work is here, and it demands that we look at our workplaces with a brand new lens. The opportunity for transformation is tremendous, and the time is now.
The world’s first, fully integrated, end-to-end people management platform. A powerful suite of tools that radically simplifies and speeds up the entire recruitment process, giving you more time to focus on developing and engaging your workforce. PiAmmo’s  mission is to change the world of work, one engaged, high performing organisation at a time.
PiAmmo is just one of the game-changing services that makes WorkAmmo.
PiAmmo solves the fundamental challenges of hiring and people management in a way that others cannot. Unlike existing systems that rely upon multiple, out-dated technologies, PiAmmo radically simplifies and streamlines complex and disparate HR solutions into one, simple, easy to use platform.
With PiAmmo, business leaders, line managers and HR practitioners are free to focus on their core job; developing and engaging their workforce to build a stronger, better performing organisation.
Here’s to transforming the future, together!